Be₳D₳ Cardano Stake Pool

In our exploration of blockchain technology, we came across the Cardano community on Twitter. It is a fun, helpful, positive and supportive community.

This inspired us to launch our Be₳D₳ Cardano stake pool. It was created out of interest for the Cardano blockchain and support for its mission and community. A Cardano node was launched in a eco-friendly, decentralised way in Belgium. Servers are hosted at home, powered by solar on our roof.

With Cardano's mission in mind, it felt fitting to give some of what we receive from the community back to those that need it more than we do. So we are committing to donating 20% of pool rewards to charity!

By using servers running on ARM architecture, running our stake pool is highly energy efficient, unlike other blockchains around. This enables a fast, efficient, and secure server setup on our internal network, connected to the Cardano blockchain through a high speed, low latency braodband connection.

The Charity

In the spirit of the Cardano blockchain and its community, we are committing to donating 20% of our pool rewards to charity.

We chose the charity Cunina (, a Belgian NGO.

As a foster parent you directly support the education and well-being of "your" foster child.

You are in direct contact with your foster child through the NGO, and can send and receive letters, pictures, report cards,...

It is intended to be a long term commitment, to support your foster child as they progress through their education. This way they get the best possible chances in life by completing their education with the much needed long term support of the NGO and their foster parent.

Additionally, through fundraisers and general donations, Cunina also realises educational projects by building schools and providing utilities to those communities that need it the most.

In their 30-year existence, the NGO has supported over 16000 children and completed more than 200 educational projects.

The mission

As beekeepers our mission is to spread knowledge and understanding of bees and their importance to our environment and ecosystem. Bees are not only important for plants and trees, but olso for the food supply of people and animals alike.

However, due to the use of pesticides and herbicides, the number of bees is declining rapidly. This is a threat to our food supply, since the pollination of our crops is dependent on bees. No bees, no pollination.

We strive to support the bee population by keeping bees, to educate others, and help and train as many people possible to become beekeepers themselves.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts or comments you might have using the form below.

You can also find us on Twitter as @BeadaPool, and on Telegram as BeADApool.